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Peter Ott


I still remember the first day I drove over Deception Pass Bridge for the first time as a young lieutenant with orders to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Coming from our previous duty station in southern California, my family and I could not get over how green and alive and magical the island felt to us that fall afternoon in 2007. Accustomed to the California palette of browns and yellows and the fast-paced, crowded environment of life in the big city, we exulted in the opportunity to live in a place where we could slow down, take a deep breath and get to know our neighbors in the tightknit communities of Whidbey Island.
As a young child I moved every two years on average, and continued to bounce from place-to-place through college, graduate school and service in the Navy. I have traveled the world and lived in a lot of houses, but when we crossed that bridge my family and I knew that we had come home. l continue to serve as a reservist chaplain and I serve our community as a real estate broker. Are you coming to the Pacific Northwest on orders with the military, or pursuing a new job opportunity, or looking for a place to grow your family or to retire? It is my hope that I can help you on that journey as you too look for a place you can call home. If life is calling you to wander far afield from here I am also ready to help you find a buyer who will value your home as much as you have. The real estate journey is best shared with a mentor, guide and friend and I am honored that you would invite me to share a few steps along the way with you. I will even bring homemade chocolate chip cookies for the ride!

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